"The more you trust and rely upon the Spirit,
the greater your capacity to create."

~Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scrapped Out

I just got home from an arts/crafts-filled morning. My friend Stephanie and I stood in line for an hour to get in to the Rubber Stamp & Scrapbook Expo today... I had heard they were giving away tote bags to the first 50 people and my mom said that the last time she went to one of these shows, the bags were filled with goodies... Well, these bags weren't - they were just the cheapo bags that you get everywhere as an eco-friendly alternative to grocery bags, and the free gift was a teeny tiny acrylic stamp worth about 25-cents.

Despite that, we did enjoy the show. There were lots of booths to browse through... many were having free make-&-takes. Several tables had clearance items for super cheap so we did pick a few cute things here and there. But my favorite find was this stuff called "Flower Soft" - oh my heck, it is so cool! It's a kind of fluffy product that you can glue on to give dimension like tiny little leaves or flowers and such. They had tons of colors and varieties to choose from but I only bought one (Heather) to start with. I've never seen this anywhere before. Most of the other booths had products similar to what you can find in other art/craft stores but it was still nice to have so many all in one place.

After that, I took my coupons to some other scrapbooking stores in town and spent more money... yeah, I'm officially broke again until next payday; but at least I have plenty of stuff to play with for now. After all that standing and walking, my feet sure do hurt... I'm looking forward to an afternoon recuperating at my art table =)


Terri said...

I Love with the flower soft as well and you and I have picked the same color..imagine that...I was wondering if you would like to do a tag swap with a group of 10 ladies...visit my blog for the detaila..Alice in wonder land is the theme...first come first serve on the charaters.

Jeff and Lori said...

Hmm, wish the give away was worth the wait, but I'm glad you had fun! Flower soft sounds neat, you'll have to show me the final product when you get something made :) Have a great day!