"The more you trust and rely upon the Spirit,
the greater your capacity to create."

~Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Friday, December 11, 2009


(This is not my photo... I found it online but I can't remember where!)

I love winter. I love snow and crisp, cold days. I love watching the seasons change and autumn brings such anticipation for the crystal-coated treat of winter.

This week, I hate winter. Mostly I hate what the extreme cold has put me through...

First, I was unable to make it to work on time one morning when my fuel line was frozen. Good advice: when sub-zero temperatures are in the forecast, add some HEET gas-line antifreeze and top off your tank - trust me, it's worth the $2 investment.

Second, when cold weather starts causing water mains to burst around town, do NOT drive through the standing water - it will coat your car's mechanical systems and freeze up in the cold weather. Another good piece of advice: don't use your parking brake in winter. My wheel wouldn't budge and I was stranded again... thank goodness it finally warmed up above freezing today and I was without a car for only one more day. (I'm immensely grateful for my wonderful home teacher and his lovely wife for coming to my rescue and taxiing me around!)

All of these things may sound like common sense to those of you who have spent your lives in cold climate areas but after living in California for 20 years, it never even occurred to me. By sharing my woes, I hope I can prevent some of you from making the same mistakes.

Aaaahh... a warmer, sunny weekend is ahead - for once I am turning my back on cold-hearted winter and embracing the sun!


Amy said...

Sorry you had such a rough week! It's been freezing here in SLC too! The highs only getting to around 17 degree's. Tues Morning was a horrible commute to work, because of the snow that dumped throughout the night Monday. I live 15 miles from work and it took me 1 1/2 hrs to get there. (usually it only takes 20 min) I felt like I was back in San Diego with traffic on the freeway only going 5 mph and completely jammed. Today it is supposed to hit 30 degree's. I never thought I would say this but... I can't wait to feel the warmth of 30 degree's!!!! Miss you!!!

Lucy said...

Can't even imagine what your cold is like. Have only seen snow twice & that was fun, don't think I could cope with freeeeezing weather.
Keep warm!
Hugs Lucy