"The more you trust and rely upon the Spirit,
the greater your capacity to create."

~Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anniversary Shrine

Every year around this time, our Paper Traders group makes a special project to swap. This year we are constructing mini matchbox shrines. Because this is our fourth anniversary, the theme was to use the number 4 in some way - mine, obviously, is Four Seasons. The "leaves" on the trees are made using FlowerSoft - such a cool product! The text paper I used for the background came from an old book I got at a local thrift store that was printed in 1796. I love how they used an "f" instead of an "s" like we do now.


"Stampgram" said...

Awesome! I love it...I need to get to work on mine. The flowersoft looks great too.

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Beautiful shrines !!

Terri said...

I like how you used the 4 for the 4seasons. You did a real nice job on your Seasons Shrine.
Isn't that flower soft a neat product. A friend of mine told me we could make our own "flower soft" by rubbing two pieces of white floral foam and then color the little bits. I haven't done it and it sounds messy...but if you needed some snow I think that would work with a little glitter.
Hope everything is going well for you.

❦TattingChic said...

That is absolutely darling!

Jeff and Lori said...

Very very cool! I love the leaves on the trees. Beautiful job! p.s. I've looked through the cookbook and I'm excited! It has some great tips as well. :)

Gaby Bee said...

Just gorgeous! It is so beautiful with color and composition!

Pretty Things said...

OMG I love it. Are you selling it????????

Why does my talent not go this way?