"The more you trust and rely upon the Spirit,
the greater your capacity to create."

~Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lenna's Row House Swap - revisited

Today my mailbox held a wonderful surprise - lots of beautiful row houses! I received a house from each of the following artists:
  • Rena Matus (a lovely house with butterflies and a pretty turquoise key with a dangle)
  • Dottie Mucha (a gorgeous turquoise house by the sea with copper trim)
  • Louise Lucero (an artistic house with pink curtains, a cute little butterfly, and the word "love")
  • Cynthia Weed (a creative fabric house with an adorable little girl that says "housesitting on a summer day")
  • Shannon Sawyer (a lovely bird house on one side and a cute play house on the other)
  • Fiona Brockie (this cute little house has an asian background with a butterfly girl transparency and an angel peeking over her shoulder)
  • Martha Franklin (a pretty little white church with sparkly stained glass windows)
  • Kara Klein (a clever little green & blue dog house)
  • Cathy Dodt-Ellis (a sweet little pink & blue crackled house with a heart over the door)
  • Sharon Walworth (a beautiful antique looking house with bronze and cream elements)
You can see photos of all the houses in this swap on Lenna's website. If you are one of the artists listed above and would like to send me a link, I'd love to include your blog address in this post!

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