"The more you trust and rely upon the Spirit,
the greater your capacity to create."

~Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Friday, July 25, 2008

Neat Freak

Awhile back, we were discussing our working spaces on Paper Traders and this is the photo I posted showing my craft room in the neatest state it has ever been in... I cleaned and organized for hours before bringing out the camera:

Several people wanted to see what my room looks like in the midst of a creative effort, so I took this picture tonight... if you look closely, you'll see a sneak peak of my Birdie Birdie chipboards:

(This is what my room looks like more often than not! That's why I have the fold-away screen tucked in the corner - so I can hide the mess if someone comes by =)


Anonymous said...

Hey Becky! It's me Nicki! I'm envious of your craft room - messy or not! I just wanted to say hi! Aunt Connie showed me her blog and yours and I think they look like fun. The items you are working on are interesting too. I haven't done anything creative for awhile and it makes me want to jump in and get busy. I've been missing you and my family. If you want you can e-mail me at nicki57552@yahoo.com Thanks for donating to our CF walk!

teri c said...

What a great work space! Even messy your space is way more organized than mine. I love how you hung the things with all the little drawers on the wall. I never thought of doing that but I think I will now!